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Objectives of the Canadian Percheron Association 

The Association shall have for its objectives the encouragement, development and regulation of the breeding of purebred Percheron horses in Canada by:

1. Keeping a record of the breeding and origin of Percheron horses and by collecting, preserving and publishing data and documents relating to them.

2. Establishing standards of breeding and by carrying out a system of registration under the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.

3. Adopting means from time-to-time to protect and assist breeders of purebred Percheron horses in compliance with the Animal Pedigree Act or any regulations made thereafter.

4. Maintaining efficient supervision of breeders of Percheron horses to prevent, detect and punish fraud.

5. Compiling statistics of the Percheron industry and furnishing official and authentic information in regard thereto.

6. Making all necessary contracts and agreements and to make, alter and repeal regulations subject to the provisions here in after set forth.

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