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Percheron Breed Information


The Percheron is a breed of the heavy draft horse, developed in and deriving its name from the district in France where it was raised, an area referred to as "Le Perche".

The Percheron possesses great muscular development combined with style and action. they are known throughout the world as the breed characterized by a long, aggressive, smooth, and true stride that shows determination and willingness.

The height of Percherons varies from about 16 hands to in excess of 18 hands and ranges in weight from 1600 lbs. up to in excess of 2400 lbs.

In spite of mechanization and automation, the Percheron breed has survived, and in recent years, have increased tremendously in popularity and numbers.

Canadian Percherons have been used successfully in cross-breeding programs to develop quality sport horses, pack horses, etc.

Whether you're interested in a quality purebred show horse, a flashy hitch horse, a pulling horse with strength and stamina, a good chore team, a superb sport horse or a horse for pleasure, the Canadian Percheron Horse merits your serious consideration.

For those of you interested in finding out Percheron Family Trees, follow the link below to an Online Studbook.


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