Encouraging, developing and regulating the breeding of purebred Percheron horses in Canada
Nous encourageons, développons et réglementons l'élevage du cheval Percheron de race pure au Canada

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 Link to the CPA Bylaws: http://www.clrc.ca/88by-laws.pdf

21. TRANSFERS AND DUPLICATE CERTIFICATES 1. When a purebred Percheron is sold, the seller shall furnish to the purchaser its Certificate of Registration in the Canadian Percheron Stud Book, showing the purchaser's ownership and date of sale. Failure to apply for the registration or transfer of ownership within 45 days after the horse has been paid for, on any pretext, except on written contract indicating that the seller and purchaser agreed that the animal was not being sold as purebred, shall be grounds for the seller's expulsion from the Association. If a registered Percheron is sold as a grade, its Certificate of Registration shall be so marked, dated, signed by the seller and sent to Canadian Livestock Records Corporation within 45 days of the sale. Subsequent to an animal's being sold as a grade, no application for registration or Transfer of Ownership shall be honoured.  
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